Bonsai Introduction

Bonsai Overview

Bonsai essentially means "Growing trees in a container". There are many aspects to the art of Bonsai including styling, pruning and care.

Bonsai History

Bonsai is a Japanese word but originates from the Chinese penjing practice. See the History of Bonsai @ Wikipedia.

Bonsai Care and Techniques

Watering - The ideal amount of watering is necessary to keep your tree in good health. Trees need water daily but ensure good fast draining soils for best health.

Training - The use of wires to train branches with a desired style.

Fertilizing - Due to the small amount of soil, fertilization is necessary for nutrients. There are inorganic fertilizers and organic fertilizers available.

Re-potting - It's ideal to repot every 2-3 years to invigorate the plant through root ramification and health.